When you buy dried firewood you choose natural warmth, with the cozy crackle and glow of a fire. This type of fuel we offer in the UK is sourced from sustainable forests and is a fully renewable fuel. Our firewoods meet all standards and are approved by Woodsure. To obtain high-quality and environmentally friendly dried logs, we select wood without additives and place it in special drying installations. After drying, the wood burns well and produces more heat. Freshly cut trees contain up to 80% water, so they are very difficult to ignite and they emit too much smoke when they burn. The amount of moisture in dry wood should not exceed 20%. In this case, we get efficient fuel.

The advantages of firewood are that it is environmentally friendly, completely renewable and has a good price compared to other heating options.

For the production of kiln dried logs, deciduous tree species growing in the UK are used: birch, oak, ash, alder and others. Oak wood burns longer than others and generates more heat, and is often purchased for restaurants to heat stoves. Ash has a less dense wood, it is suitable for stoves and fireplaces. The most popular type is birch kiln dried logs, it has good heat transfer and relatively low price. Each type can be used separately or mixed different types of dried logs, as well as used together with other types of fuel.

Firewood supplies can be stored for a long time thanks to quality drying. You can make an order kiln dried logs of different sizes. We offer additional discounts for large orders.