Spicy grilled oysters

By Savage BBQ


8 big oysters(the bigger the better)
8 birds eye chillies
8 knobs of butter
4 spring onions finely sliced
Spiced Pilipino  Coconut vinegar(Suka waykurat is readily available in UK) 
2 limes
Cracked black pepper

Cooking steps

Open the oysters remove most of the seawater, ad the butter, chilli, a dash of the spiced coconut vinegar.
Have a nice Globaltic charcoal fire and place the oysters direct on the coals . Cook for about 2 minutes (don’t overcook the oysters) 
Sprinkle the sliced spring onion on top.
Once cooked remove them carefully and try not to spill any of the liquid. 
A squeeze of lime and crack some black pepper and enjoy the oysters. Perfect with a ice cold beer

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