Globaltic is the UK's leading premium wood fuels supplier.

Our charcoal briquettes are made from dust remaining from producing charcoal using a special technology. Coal is produced using a variety of hardwoods, including maple, pecans, beech, birch, and others. The main mass of the briquette is charcoal (approximately 85% of the total mass of the briquette). The rest is additional ingredients: white ash, combustion accelerators, adhesives. All additives are manufactured without the use of chemicals. We use organic starch as a binder. Sawdust, paper and wood remains are used as additional ingredients. This allows us to make the product natural, and the production process is environmentally friendly. The addition of a small amount of white ash to the composition significantly prolongs the burning time of the charcoal briquettes.

Compared to charcoal, the briquette has a denser structure. The main advantages of this type of fuel are that they generate heat for a longer time, while the combustion process occurs continuously and evenly. They do not emit smoke and odour during use. Therefore, this type of fuel has become very popular both for industrial and at domestic use (barbecue and restaurants).

The advantages of bbq charcoal briquettes over regular charcoal are: high level of heat release (more than 80% of the biomass mass), longer burning time, uniform combustion process, no smoke and odour, lighter than charcoal, convenient to manufacture and transport.

Charcoal briquettes UK are widely used in restaurant business, home, kitchen and travel. They are well suited for barbecue. Globaltic buy offers premium charcoal briquettes for restaurants and bbq.