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Globaltic supplies lumpwood charcoal UK from specialty hardwoods of various types of wood. We only use European hardwoods that has not been chemically treated in order to obtain the highest quality product. At the first stage of production, our specialists keep the wood at a certain temperature, this action allows you to remove excess moisture. The wood is then fired at a low oxygen level. We do not use additives or chemicals to increase the burning rate and increase heat transfer. This makes it possible to make high quality lumpwood charcoal. Compliance with all standards is a guarantee that the lumpwood charcoal burns easily and gives a large amount of heat.

 The benefits of producers Globaltic charcoal can be seen when burning smaller volumes of product to get higher output than regular lumpwood charcoal. Our hardwood charcoal fires up quickly, emits a lot of heat, while keeping the price of the product reasonable. Compliance with all environmental standards of the production process comes from our appreciation of nature and the planet we live on. Caring for the environment in the process of charcoal production and, secondly, protecting nature during the combustion of coal.

Why should restaurant owners and chef buy our barbecue charcoal? When you cook meat on a live fire, it is very important to consider the quality of the fuel you use. Natural lumpwood charcoal supplied by our company does not contain impurities, which means that you will get the perfect taste. Also, additional advantages will be that you will get it to cooking temperature in just a few minutes and after using the lumpwood coal, a small amount of ash will remain. You can easily adjust the cooking of the meat and feel the natural aroma of the smoke. Globaltic charcoal is the best restaurant lumpwood charcoal and perfect choice for your bbq!