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Globaltic is a family-owned brand with a passion for sustainability and preserving the environment for future generations, while enjoying superior barbecue.


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Natural compressed restaurant grade charcoal briquettes 10kg Box - Globaltic

Restaurant supply

Coming from hospitality ourselves, we know how important it is to use the best ingredients in your work. Charcoal is as much an ingredient as your meat, fish or greens. We also pride ourselves on timely deliveries and the same outstanding quality in every bag.

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It all starts with the right wood. It has to be sustainably grown and have the right density for our charcoal. We are privileged to work with several plywood manufacturers that manage their own established forests. The trees are harvested on a 5 year rotation and the area is replanted. This allows us to have a constant and sustainable supply.

Birch Lumpwood Charcoal 10 kg - Globaltic
Birch Lumpwood Charcoal 10 kg
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