Have you bought ribs and do not know how to grill them?

Have you bought ribs and do not know how to grill them?

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Here is our guide to help you!

So, you have bought some ribs and now you are wondering how to grill them. Let’s have a look at this process together. 

Ribs are very easy to prepare for grilling. Before starting to cook them, all you need to do is to season them. We also strongly recommend you to remove the membrane on the underside of the ribs. It will make them more tender and give them more flavor. We, personally, always use a simple knife for this purpose. 

When the ribs are prepared, start preheating your grill. When it is ready, place your ribs on the prepared grill on the side with the foil pan, over indirect heat. Cook them for about two hours, rotating them every 30 minutes. After an hour and a half wrap your ribs in foil and place back on the grill for another 30 minutes to seal in the juices. After 2 hours of grilling remove the foil. 

When the ribs are ready, you can serve them at once. But! if you have another 15-20 minutes free, return them to the fire without the foil, meat side down. If you want to add some sauce (for example BBQ), place them back on the grill without the foil, meat side up, and brush them with barbecue sauce, 3-4 times, every 5 minutes. 

Sticky, sweet and smoky grills are perfect as a starter for your barbeque party. Grilling them may take time and patience but the final result is worth it!

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