How to choose the right charcoal and save your time?

How to choose the right charcoal and save your time?

If you really like cooking over fire and enjoy the process, you should responsibly approach the choice of charcoal.

You'll agree that, if you have already spent enough time on preparing everything: went to the store, did grocery shopping, and, for example, marinated meat, then you want the cooking process to go smoothly.

So, what problems might you face while grilling?

1. Charcoal can burn out fast

Because of this, you will have to add it constantly and wait again for the charcoal to flare up.

2. Large amount of smoke

As a rule, low-quality woods or insufficiently good production methods cause copious amounts of smoke, which also affects the taste of food.

3. Low burning temperature

It happens when you don't have enough heat to fry your food.

All the above will only take your time away.

✅ GLOBALTIC has only large lumps of charcoal, which provide much longer burning. Thus, you can cook more food. Charcoal is fragile when it comes to shipping, so we replace any damaged bags which may rarely turn up.

✅ We use only natural birchwood for producing our charcoal, resulting in the minimum amount of smoke.

✅ Burning temperature can reach 700 °C

Enjoy your barbecue with GLOBALTIC.

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