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Grilling Beyond Meat: Unleashing the Potential of Vegetarian and Vegan BBQs

Welcome to the exciting era of vegetarian and vegan BBQs! A rising trend towards plant-based diets has revolutionised the grilling landscape, introducing a multitude of fresh, innovative options that push beyond the traditional meaty repertoire. High-quality charcoal lies at the heart of this transformation, elevating plant-based dishes with a distinct smoky flavour. From marinated aubergines and Portobello burgers to tantalising tofu steaks and halloumi skewers, the possibilities are limitless. With our grilling tips and temperature guide, even the most dedicated carnivores will find themselves queueing up for a taste of your plant-based BBQ creations. It's time to fire up the grill and embark on this deliciously sustainable culinary adventure.

The British summertime brings many joys, not least of which is the cherished ritual of firing up the barbecue. While a traditional BBQ often evokes images of sizzling steaks and juicy sausages, a culinary shift is afoot that challenges this meat-centric perspective. More and more of us are turning to plant-based delights as the headliners of our grilling exploits.

This is the dawning of the vegetarian and vegan BBQ era. A burgeoning trend towards plant-based diets has not merely knocked on the door of the grilling world – it has kicked it wide open. This revolution brings with it a cornucopia of fresh and innovative options that reach far beyond the standard fare of barbecued meats.

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The Charcoal Chronicles

Central to the art of barbecue is a fundamental element – the charcoal. Often overshadowed by the dazzling array of food it cooks, it is as much a part of the grilling experience as the dishes themselves. When you opt for premium charcoal, your vegetarian and vegan BBQ transcends the ordinary, entering the realm of the extraordinary.

So, what sets high-quality charcoal apart? For starters, it offers a steady, reliable heat source – a necessity for even, consistent cooking. Additionally, it burns cleaner and for longer periods than lesser alternatives, which translates into a more relaxed, extended BBQ experience. But perhaps its most appealing attribute is the unique, smoky essence it bestows upon your food. This flavour profile is an irreplaceable component of an authentic BBQ experience, transforming your plant-based dishes into true grill masterpieces.

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Navigating the Plant-Based BBQ Landscape

Embracing a meat-free barbecue doesn’t have to equate to a compromise on flavour or satisfaction. On the contrary, it opens up an exciting new universe of grilling potential. Vegetables, fruits, tofu, tempeh, seitan, and halloumi, along with the many meat substitutes available today, all offer tantalising possibilities.

Think of marinated and grilled aubergines, courgettes, and red peppers coming together in a vibrant and delicious skewer. Consider a Portobello mushroom, soaked in a flavourful marinade and grilled to perfection, morphing into a juicy, meaty burger that holds its own against any beef patty. Picture grilled sweetcorn dusted with a hint of smoked paprika, or pineapple slices grilling until their natural sugars caramelise, creating a mouthwatering dessert or tangy side dish.

Refining Your Vegetarian and Vegan BBQ Techniques

While grilling plant-based foods shares many similarities with cooking meats, it also requires some special attention to detail. Below are some tips to elevate your vegetarian and vegan BBQ game:

  • Marinate with Purpose: Marination is a powerful tool when it comes to grilling plant-based dishes. It does more than simply impart flavour – it helps maintain moisture during the grilling process, a crucial factor given that plant-based foods are often lower in fat than their meat counterparts.

  • Respect the Heat: Different foods respond differently to heat levels. For instance, seitan and halloumi can handle, and indeed thrive under, high heat. Most vegetables and fruits, on the other hand, favour a medium heat. Understanding and managing heat is a fundamental skill for any BBQ aficionado, but it is especially important when exploring the realm of vegetarian and vegan grilling.

  • Keep it Slick: Given their lower fat content, plant-based foods have a tendency to stick to the grills. A little oil applied to the grills beforehand can save you from a sticky situation.

  • Patience is a Virtue: Resist the urge to flip your food too frequently. Let it be, allowing it to sear properly and develop those beautiful, flavour-enhancing grill marks.

A useful table for grilling temperatures:

Product Grilling Temperature (°C)
Aubergine (Eggplant) 180 - 200
Courgette (Zucchini) 180 - 200
Bell Peppers 180 - 200
Portobello Mushrooms 180 - 200
Asparagus 180 - 200
Corn on the Cob 190 - 210
Onions 180 - 200
Tomatoes 180 - 200
Butternut Squash 180 - 200
Tofu 180 - 200
Seitan 200 - 220
Tempeh 180 - 200
Halloumi 200 - 220
Pineapple 180 - 200

Please note that these temperatures are in Celsius and are suggested for a covered grill. The precise temperature might vary depending on your grill's specific characteristics and the size and thickness of the product being grilled. Always keep a close eye on your BBQ to prevent overcooking or burning.


In conclusion, the notion that BBQs are the exclusive domain of meat-lovers is quickly becoming a thing of the past. With a splash of creativity, a dash of fresh ingredients, and the magic of premium charcoal, your vegetarian and vegan BBQ creations will be drawing the crowds – from die-hard vegans to curious carnivores – all keen to sample your grilling masterpieces. As we unleash the full potential of plant-based BBQ, we are not just redefining our grills, but also revolutionising our culinary landscapes.

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Lovely post, still will stick with my meat, but definitely will explore options for sides!

Lovely post, still will stick with my meat, but definitely will explore options for sides!

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