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Introducing the Glosado. Real, authentic Argentinian live fire cooking at home. Inspired by famous asado style grills, with a lashing of Globaltic expertise & love for all things fire. Professional grade.

As restauraters that had charcoal at the heart of all of our restaurants we took inspiration from all over the world to get the best from our food, our charcoal and our grills. One place that stood out especially was Argentina. South America is a continent that is steeped in live fire culture and there is no better representation of that than the asado charcoal grill.

A large charcoal tray enables you to fill it with Globaltic lumpwood or briquettes and higher or lower the grill as you see fit to get the perfect finish to your food... failing that raise the grill all the way up and cook dirty, straight onto the coals. Anything goes.

Features charcoal grill:
▪️ Hand-made with passion & knowledge of proffesional grade barbecue
▪️ Flexible V-shaped lattice you can lift up and down as you see fit to get the perfect finish to your food
▪️ Folding table to keep all you need in one place
▪️ Wheels for easy transportation
▪️ Tray at the bottom to keep your barbecue utensils
▪️ Railing for accessories
▪️ Extra option of a spit/ rotisserie
▪️ Charcoal scoop and a poker
Grills like this pump the lifeblood of fire food around Argentina and now you can channel some of that magic at home. Get involved with the purest form of BBQ with the Glosado. Nothing but fresh air and fire. The gaucho way.

BBQ spec:

• Size: 110cm to the lattice grill, lifting frame 86x48cm, lattice 100x60cm
• Fireclay bricks 60mm
• Thickness of steel: 2mm
• Weight 130kg
• Stainless steel lattice grill

Glosado Pro
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