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1999 2499
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Apple 0.7kg x1
One of the lightest smoking woods, apple has a sweet and mild flavour that makes it great for smoking white meats, including fish and chicken. It is also great for cooking desserts (Smoked Apple Pie, anyone?). It is commonly used with pork because of its slightly sweet and subtly smoky flavour.

Cherry 0.7kg x1
Mellow and sweet with a slight tartness, cherry wood chips are a good match for almost any type of meat. Because of their mild flavour, they won’t dominate or mask any of the great taste of the meats. They are at their best with pork, duck, venison, and poultry. You can also smoke veggies in cherry wood chips to add a unique flavour to them!

Beech 0.7kg x1
A huge favourite among industrial smokers, beech is not as light as the fruitwoods. It lasts for a long time and has a neutral flavour allowing it to pair great with many different proteins. Mixing beech with fruit woods is great for mellowing out the stronger wood’s flavours.

Grape 0.7kg x1

A tart, fruity flavour that works well with poultry, small game birds, lamb, pork and sausage, but use it sparingly, the tart flavour can be overwhelming.

Globaltic Tip: Soak wood chips in water to go a longer more intense smoke flavour, or use them dry for a quicker combustion and a more subtle smoke flavour

Smoking chips set
1999 2499
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