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Firewood is just wood for burning right? Wrong!? Firewood is beautiful…or at least it can be. Introducing Globaltic Firelogs, we love firewood, but wanted to make something a little bit more special, our firelogs look just as good burning in your wood fired oven or stove as they do as decorative pieces in your home.

Made from the core of Silver Birch trees with a high density for fantastic long burn times and consistent temperatures. Cleaned from bark for low smoke, no dust production and a unique smell you won’t find with other firewoods. Hand-polished for a decorative finish with a natural humidity of 15% so as not to over dry the wood and keep its natural characteristics. After 1-2 days storage in a dry place, Globaltic Firelogs are ready to go. Globaltic Tip: Use our Birch Firelogs in a wood fired oven for exceptional heat and consistent temperatures

Birch Firelogs 16kg
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