Binchotan charcoal is traditionally made from Japanese White Oak using special stone kilns. It is usually made from very hard oak that sinks when placed in water. The wood is burnt at low temperatures of about 240 degrees for a long time (more than 120 hours), then the temperature is raised to 1000-1200 degrees. After the completion of the burning process, the coals binchotan are placed for cooling in a special mixture, which consists of sand and ash. This type of treatment gives it a white color. This is why binchotan charcoal is called "white charcoal".

Binchotan is a high quality charcoal. It has high heating efficiency and less odour than any other charcoal.

It can be used for home and restaurant cooking, barbecue. It is often used in Japanese cooking. Buy binchotan charcoal for home. You can use it for heating, water purification, odour elimination, soil fertilization. Using binchotan as a filter, you effectively purify water and enrich it with useful microelements. Binchotan can purify and make water useful many times over 3 months.

This is a good fuel option for your home in UK. Due to its qualities and good price, binchotan charcoal UK is widely adopted. It is completely environmentally friendly and safe coal. It can even be used as interior decoration!